What Is This Part Of The Wheel Bearings Called

I suddenly have the round look for bolts and washers are missing from my right front wheel in MY 2001 Chevy Lumina car. My car is front wheel drive, if that helps. But my question is what the rounded screw that is known about the wheel bearings? because I do not think I need to replace the whole camp because his only missing spacer and bolt. . . . I have a link provided for you guys to see what the talk. . . http://stores. ChannelAdvisor. com/Auto-Parts-Direct-To-You/Items/512151-7467127-lumina? & CaSKU = 512151-7467127-lumina & caTitle = 97% 2098% 2099% 2000% 2001%%% 20Chevy 20Lumina 20car 20Rear%%%% 20Wheel 20Hub 20Assembly

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