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What Cars Have Paddle Shifters 5

Can you name some cars that do please?

Why Does The Steering Wheel Lock When Trying To Turn Ignition Key In 2008 HHR 1

Inserted ignition key and tried to start the HHR; key would not turn, wheel would move only 1/4 inch either way. Made sure car was in PARK,(unable to move shifter to NEUTRAL), tried turning wheel while turning ignition key, no luck starting vehicle.I have been using the same key

98 Malibu Is Stuck In Park But It Starts Fine 8

At first the problem was when it was cold outside it would not get out of park now no matter what time of day it will not shift out of park…i installed a knew shift knob and that didnt fix it…brakes work fine …car starts just wont get out

I Am About To Buy A 96 Civic But There Is A Few Things Suspicious 4

There is a ticking in the engine I’m not sure if the timing is off or a psark plug misfire or what?some hints…also the shift knob is really loose when its in gear there is a lot of wiggle,I’m lead to believe that could be the linkage or the

How Much Should I Sell My 1990 Honda Civic Si Hatchback For With A Nonrunning Engine 4

1990 honda civic si hatchback 5 speed manual transmission Odometer: 221,200 miles/engine replaced with japanese motor@roughly 60,000 miles Sunroof/Opens with a switch but you have to manually close it Headers Limo tint on back windows/Lightest tint on front windows motor was replaced about 5 years ago but does not

What Whould Be A Good Selling Price For My 90′ Civic HB.$$$ 3

I have NEW 16” Motegi MR7s (Silver), Tinted black windows, MOMO shift knob, NEW! SKUNK2 Full exhaust, new JDM chrome tail lights, NEW High perf. spark plug wires and spark plugs, Thinking of getting a AEM CA intake and GT wheel… (The car + engine is very clean and