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Which Volkswagen GTI Transmission Is Better For A New Driver 3

Okay, so I will soon be getting my first car, a Volkswagen GTI, which was chosen due to its compelling mix of practicality and sportiness. However, I’m slightly torn as to what transmission I should get, the 6-speed Manual, or the DSG with Tiptronic. The DSG has the advantage

What Is The Best Car 7

So my mom is gonna buy me a brand new car up too a 100,000$ limit for graduating from collage with my bachelors. So now im between The 2011 Nissan Gtr, Genesis coupe, Chevy Camaro, or Infiniti G37. Which one is the best and fastest. Also which one is

Mazda Rx8 Automatic Or Manual And What Can I Do To Take Care Of Engine Rotary 2

Hey everyone I am going to buy a Mazda rx8 on wednesday and I have both of them on hold for me both cost $9,00 and both have around 70k miles on them, one is auto one is manual.. I need advice, I already had a manual sports car

What Should I Buy A 0809 Si Sedan Or Gti Mk5 3

I dont want a si coupe but i’ll take a gti. what are the ups and downs? i like the paddle shifters on the gti. please inform me more on the tiptronic system. honda seems more reliable and long lasting while gti is unknown. gti looks nicer in my

Why Did My Car’s Engine Smell Awful 5

I bought my 08 sentra se-r on sunday and hadn’t used the paddle shifter till today. Dont get my wrong it was an enjoying ride only that after about 5 minutes of using it my car was releasing an awful smell … What could it have been???

Is A SUZUKI SX4 Cross Over A Good Car 2

I bought a honda fit sport because i wanted a car that would last long time, and be fun to drive (paddle shifters and what not). Never drove a suzuki sx4 crossover but they looking pretty fun. they have good mpg (but not as good as the fit), 2wd,