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When Is Your Car Battery Charged 2

Ive got it on a portable charge in my garage , and its been plugged in for 24 hrs now the charger has 2 settings , 1 amp or 4 amp and a meter that goes all the way up to 6 i set it on 4 amp and

How To Charge My Car 6

My car battery needs to be charged, if I were to just hook the charger up without disconecting the terminals first will it work? Or do I have to disconnect the terminals?

Can I Use The Power From A Regular Ac Car Adapter To Power A Regular Device 3

So i was wondering, i have this car adapter for my cellphone, which charges through a regular usb connector. So i was wondering if i cut the cables and connected them to a regular 2 legged device if it would work. i was thinking of modding the connectors to

Car Wont Start, NEW BATTERY 7

New battery, on the charger/starter it claims the battery is dead?? ok? that doesnt make much sense? Even when jump started it wont turn over. I have a feeling it’s not getting enough fuil to actually turn over. Could there be a problem with my fuel pump in the

My Car Wont Start Every Once And A While, It Will Start With A Jump Or A Few Minutes On A Charger. 6

Could an alternator work some of the time? The battery is only one year old.

Battery Charge Dropping Due To Cold Weather 4

I live in aurora colorado and my car battery hardly holds any charge. I dont use the vehicle very often like once in 3 weeks or so. Its a 2001 nissan altima, last time i ended up calling road side assistance to charge it up, today i tried to