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Where Is The Bank 2 Oxygen Sensor On 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse V6 1

It is supposed to be after the catalitic convertor, the one which is under the hood. Thanks,

How Do You Change A Oxygen Sensor In A 99 Chevy Tahoe 3

I have a 99 chevy Tahoe and the sensors are bad I need to change them asap My daughter is coming home tomarrow and I am going to need the truck to pick her up 2 1/2 hours from home please help…

How Much For Rear Oxygen Sensor For 98 Sentra If Not Fixed What Could Happen 3

Service engine light came on and was diagnosed as the problem.

How Important Is It To Change A Oxygen Sensor In A Mini Cooper 5

my maintenance book says it should be changed every 100,00 miles

Where Is The Oxygen Sensor On A 1990 535i BMW Thanks 2

My car starts to smoke and spudder when iddling at a stop. I heard it was the oxygen sensor. what do you think it could be?

What Is The Difference Between A Upstream And A Downstream Oxygen Sensor And How Many Does A 96 Chrysler LHS 2

Have? If more then one do I have to replace them all. If not how do I know which one to replace? Please help!