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Was What I Did A Right Thing When My Car Overheated 4

So earlier today , i was in the drive thru and i noticed white smoke/steam coming from the car . i guess it was steam cuz it dissappeared in the air. the thermostat was on high so i turned off the engine for a bit since the line took

Engine Never Reaches Operating Temp But Overheats At Lights On Hot Days 3

I have a 1998 Honda Civic. Since a week ago, my engine temperature gauge never reaches halfway like it used to. Now, it only points about 2/5 (or like 40%) up the way of the gauge (sorry, it doesn’t list degrees). However, if I sit at a light in

My Car Is Leaking Fluid And Overheated. Help 4

I have a 2000 Honda Civic Hatchback that just got looked at by Big O Tires. They said that my car was fine, all the liquids were at level, and they changed the air filter and my oil. They also rotated my tires. I live in AZ, and the

My Car Broke Down It Overheated…we Put Coolant In It But It Wasn’t Enough…. Help Please 6

I have a 98 Honda Civic. The car broke down. It wont drive. We pulled over and a man helped us. The thing is he put water in the radiator I think. Its next where you put the coolant. It ran for a lil bit, then we parked it

Radiator Overheat When Idle 3

I drive a 97 honda civic and yesterday my upper hose popped/opened like a bag of chips. I replaced it and now I have another issue. This morning when driving my car gauge was moving up towards the H. I pulled over to avoid the over heating. I was

2005 Honda Civic Overheating 4

I have a 2005 Honda Civic automatic transmission with only 43,000 miles on it. Whenever I come off the highway the thermostat gauge needle starts rising almost to the H. I usually just turn the heater on high to bring it back to normal until I get to a