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Help Me Spice Up A 71 AMC Javelin 6

It’s been sitting under a car cover for 5 years, my Dad drives it like twice a month..I used to drive it sometimes in high school…It has a 302 and 5 speed transmission…fast and a little awkward looking…it’s been wrecked once while my Dad was drunk and he smashed

What Is Wrong With My Car 1993 Cadillac Eldorado 8

1993 Cadillac Eldorado blows white smoke from the exhaust an burns gas quickly. My check engine light came on once in awhile but not again during this problem. My RPM’S jump up and down. I have taken the car to Cadillac Dealer and they can’t figure out what is

My 2008 Cadillac Cts Is An Oil Burner 3

20,000mils and the car is burning one quarts every 500mile or so…the car all ready had its first oil change and is still burning oil, the car also has a thick layer of black soot in both of it’s exhaust pipe. i try wiping it off but if keeps

Help With Making My Car Louder 3

Im not very smart on the subject i found this on ebay FLOWMASTER EXHAUST TIP cadillac CTS 03-07 muffler 06 05 and idk if thats just the tailpipe? or something that makes the car sound better? and to make my car sound better do i have to bye a

How Do I Access The Top Of The Gas Tank 4

I need to replace a sensor located on the top (very rear) of my fuel tank. The only way that I see this possible is to drop the tank. In order to do that would mean removing the exhaust system, drive shaft, heat shield and many other items. Just

1998 Cadillac Code P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold 3

The service engine light came on and the Code “P0420 – Catalyst system efficiency below threshold” shows up when i use the scan tool. When I read up on it, is says basically to check the 3 oxygen sensors, or the catalytic converter is bad. I put in new