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How Should I Get Rid Of My Car 4

I have 1999 honda accord, with 152,000 miles and more than its fair share of dents and scratches. Its brakes are squeaky and makes some crunching sounds when turning right from a botched accident repair job from a couple years back. It runs well enough though and has done

1999 Honda CBR600 This A Good Buy Help Please 4

Hi, well i seen a honda cbr600 for sale in my area and this is what the guy said, its a long story but i want to know what could be wrong with it and how much to fix it. Thanks. “Hi, my name is N*** and I’m selling


It is much better to be patient, as it will pay off in the future. Im in school, I work a part time job which is pretty far from where i live. my family is moving to an area i dont like very well. ive lived in one neighborhood

Should I File A Report With The Better Business Bureau With Pep Boys 9

So I recently (in the past few weeks) had my back brakes replaced at pep boys. When I was there they mentioned a leaking wheel cylinder. So just today I took it back to get the wheel cylinder replaced and I was told it would be $80 labor for

Alternator Replacement Please Read Even Though Its Long 5

I just need an opinion from the mechanics and ex mechanics and generally anyone who has experience in this type of thing. My car died a couple times today and so i had it towed to this garage near my house. When i got there i explained what was

Thinking Of Buying My First Super Beetle, Please Help. 6

I was driving down the road the other day and saw a beetle on the side of the road. Its a 74 Super Beetle, the owner was asking 2700, I saw some flaws and offered 1500. He then called me back a week later and I test drove it