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Which Products Work The Absolute BEST 2

We want to detail clean our own car, Can You help? What is the best product out there for each of the following: Carpet Shampoo: Spot Cleaner for Headliner: Polish & Wax: Wheel Cleaner and Polish: Engine Cleaner: Car washing Soap: Tire Cleaner: Air freshener (not clip on vent

Why Do Car CD Players Not Work When It’s Really Cold 1

I’m sure some pickup or whatever has to heat up to work/read, but why can’t someone make an in dash or trunk changer model that works when the temp. is fairly cold? What technology is involved with these players having to warm up?

What Kind Of Subwoofers Would You Recommend For A Cavalier Would 2 12 Kicker L7’s Work Or Is There Better 2

Im new to sound systems and i’ve been looking around but i’m still not sure.. I want something with a lot of bass and that will fit in the trunk.. so far i’ve seen 2 12″ and one 15″ im not too sure which one would hit harder and

How Do 6cd Changers Work 2

Like, the kind in cars. A friend wants to know, and he can’t find an explanation anywhere.

Will An IPod With AAC Files Work With A Car Stereo With Mp3/wma Playback 3

I am talking specifically about a Kenwood KDC-MP142 player. It doesn’t really matter to me if I will be able to control the iPod through the deck. I just want to know if the songs will play at all.

One Headlight On My 1994 Honda Civic Will Not Work. Brights Will Work But Not Dim. 5

Already replaced bulbs