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Need To Connect Ipod To Apline Stereo But Control Through Ipod 4

I am currently using a Belkin wireless transmitter to play my ipod in my car but am sick of the static sound. I would like to purchase a stereo that I can play my Ipod through for better sound quality. I have an Alpine CDM-9807RB (quite old) in the

Car Stereo Installed Now Problems 6

I had a new stereo system (Pioneer) installed in my 2004 Chevy Tahoe yesterday with XM Radio. Everything was fine until I realized the open door chime and the “locked door” chime no longer exist. Is this normal when rewiring the system?? Also the radio controls on steering wheel

Loud Chattering Sound On My 2004 Stratus 4

Help! My Stratus is making a very loud and constant chattering sound, and it even gets louder when the ac compressor is on. It sounds like it’s coming from my belt area, and my belt is tight. Any suggestions? I used to have a Ford Taurus that made this

The AC In My 2002 Ford Explorer Only Blows Hot Air 3

I don’t know where to start and I want to repair this myself. I have the Chilton Manual on the vehicle but it does not provide me with any troubleshooting guides. When I turn on the AC all I get is hot air. What I think is the compressor

1999 Dodge Durago Caliper 3

Hi All, I had the manifold intake redone on the right side of my 1999 dodge durango. I started hearing a rubbing noise on that side when the brakes are pressed. After about a month I thought that something was stuck in the breaking system like a twig or

Honda Guy……re 02 Civic Ac Fuse Box 4

The ac doesnt click on and the rpm’s don’t elevate when I turn it on. I popped the hood and there are two fans…one on the left (if your looking down from front) turns on, but doesn’t blow cold air. I live in FL and we had flooded roads