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Can You Still Use The IPod Controls On An IPod Ready Car Stereo That Is Controlled From The Head Unit 3

Thinking of buying Sony model SON CDXGT520 car stereo & the adapter cable so song ID’s etc. will show up on the head unit, but wondering if I can still use the iPod’s controls to select songs, etc. instead of the head unit’s. Also, can you control the iPod’s

Why Does My Head Unit Flash Protect When I Hook Up My Speakers To A 600w Amp 1

It’s a kenwood head unit and a 4 channel amplifier and the head unit works perfectly when i disconnect the speaker wires.

I Have A Alpine CDA9856 Head Unit And A KENWOOD KAC8152 1100w MONO CAR AUDIO AMPLIFIER 3

My last amp i had hooked up to this head unit would only work on the Tuner/radio and not when i played a cd, so i was wondering if this amp would work when i play a cd

How Can I Replace The Stereo In My 1997 Lexus E300 With A New Stereo Head Unit 1

I need to know if possible, how I can replace the old stereo in my car. I found a great deal on this stereo and before I buy it I want to know if it will be able to fit in my car and how to do it. The

Can I Install A Double DIN Head Unit In An Older Tahoe 1

I have an older model Tahoe (’95) that has an unusual sized DIN and a half stereo in it. Would it be possible to install a double DIN sized head unit in its place somehow?

What Is The Location Of Temperature Sending Unit On 350 Chevrolet Engine 3

What is the location of temperature sending unit on 350 chevrolet engine?