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I Have 95chevy 1500 305 Throttle Body. I Installed A Edelbrock Proformer Cam. Does It Requise A Chip Change 1

Edelbrock catalog doesnt specify if it needs one or not. the truck stumbles from a stop but drives fine on the interstate. timing is dead on. i dont have much add ons except an tbi spacer and dual exhaust.

Throttle Body Or Carburator 4

I know this is a stupid question and ill feel like an idiot once i know but. I have a 1991 blazer s-10 and im putting small performance parts on it. How do i know if i have a throttle body or a carburator. And if i have a

Where Is The Throttle Position Sensor Located On A 2001 Dodge Grand Cavaran Sport 3.3L V6 3

I need to swap this out, but I don’t know if the part I’m looking at is the right part and I’m not in a position to get a service manual right now. The sensor I’m looking at now is behind the engine near the driver’s side and just

Jeep Throttle Body 3

Is putting on a larger throttle body on a Jeep really beneficial? I’ve heard people tell me that they have a decent gain. They cost like $400.00+ though I put on a spacer, but not an actual larger throttle body. Is it worth it?

Manifold Throttle For Gsr 1

I heard gettin a better manifold and a bigger throttle body spacer gives u about 40 hp….500 bucks total…is this true? if i did get it would i need a new intake?

Can You Give Your Opinions On Upgrading My Throttle Body From The Stock To 62 Or 63mm With A 2 Inch Spacer 2

I have a 4.0L inline 6 cylinder with a high flow cat and 2.5″ single exhaust, magnaflow muffler. I also have a high flow air filter with 3″ intake tube. What are some opinions on upgrading to a 62mm or 63mm throttle body?