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Reasons Why A Car Stereo Just Stopped Working 4

Installed my car stereo last Monday on the 11th and it worked without any problems until this morning it just wouldn’t turn on. Yesterday when i got home from school it was working, i just turned off the car and took off the head unit then when i put

My Car Stopped Running While Driving. I Have Spark And Fuel But Injectors Won’t Pulsate, But Has Power To Them 6

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is. Engine will start but only when gas is sprayed into intake. Fuel pump is working but not sure of pressure. This is a 1990 Chevrolet Lumina . Sorry, I forgot to mention that we did put in a crankshaft position

Fuel Delivery Question. 1

Ok, I have a problem with an 89 Ford ranger, 2WD 2.3 4 cyl. distrobutorless ignition system. Truck died and was given to us. Here are the symptoms as discovered. First suspected fuel filter. Replaced, no help. Suspected timing, but returned to fuel delivery thoughts. Found there is no

My Amp Cuts Off Randomly 2

Only REAL help please! My system worked fine untill I changed my sub and switch vehicles. I have the proper gauge wiring and my battery is a brand new red top gel-batt. I’m running a MTX 801D that is running 800W RMS @ 2ohm. The sub is a MA

95 Mitsubishi Galant Has A Short Circuit I Believe And The Headlight’s Won’t Come On How Do I Find The Short 3

It has power all the way to the headlight relay and the relay is good but i put the test light on the headlight wire’s and nothing so what now? something is going on between the relay and headlight.. Anyone know what come’s next? Thank you

97 Honda Accord Ecu Or Main Relay 2

So i just got done installing a motor into my 97 honda accord lx 2.2 liter non vtec. The motor i put in there is from another lx 2.2 liter non vtec but it was a 96. My old motor hydrolocked because my cold air intake sucked in lots