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Can A Ford Crown Vic With A 4.6 Litre V8 Pull An 8 Foot Tent Trailer 6

The trailer weighs 1400 pounds dry weight (without filling it up with anything) The car instructions say we can pull up to 2500 total weight but the salesperson is telling us it could be dangerous and that we should buy a truck.

Charging Battery In A Tent Trailer 3

I recently bought a used tent trailer and have just finished adding an electrical connector to my truck; there are electrical terminals that are for trailer lighting, electric brakes, backup lights, house battery charging,etc. The terminal for charging the house battery is constantly energized whether the truck is running

Is It Possible To Use My Car Electrical Outlet To Charge Or Use My Tent Trailer Battery 1

Hi there, i just bougth a used Viking epic pop up tent trailer 2006. i got the brake controller and ligths installed in my truck to towed it.But the guy who installed it did not run a live wire for accessories or line to charge the tent trailer battery.

Electrical Information Regarding A Tent Trailer 3

I just bought a 1996 Flagstaff tent trailer and haven’t done the necessary electrical wiring to connect it to my truck. I understand all electrical connections I need to make, but was just wondering about the charging system for the house battery. The wire I need to connect to

Name Of Truck/suv That Has That Builtin Tent For Camping 5

Name of truck/suv that has that built-in tent for camping?

Can I Tow My Tent Camper Behind A Rental Moving Truck 4

I am moving from Illinois to Texas next month. I already have my pickup truck in Texas with me. I am having my wife and family driving a moving truck down here to complete the move. I have a small (1700lbs) tent camper that I was planning having them