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What Would Cause A Car To Lose All Electrical Power Instantaneously And Intermittently 3

I was driving my 1991 Ford Thunderbird today and made a quick stop at a store, and I was in and out in under 30 seconds. I tried to start my car, and the car lost all power the moment I turned the ignition to the start position, the

Selling Price Of A 1974 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe10 350 Small Block 1/2 Ton Pickup Not In The Best Condition 1

The front end needs to be replace as in tie rods, pit man arms things like that and most if not all the seals need to be replaced and the rims need to be sanded out because they are out of shape. and the carburetor needs an over haul

Ford F150 Turns Over But Won’t Start 8

Occasionally will start with no problem. Has gotten to most of the time won’t start, starter turns engine engages, but won’t turn over. Might be ignition or fuel system problem. Runs fine when started. has a new battery, seems ok on electrical. Check engine light is on before trying

1990 Ford F150 Fuel System, Starting, And Ignition Switch Questions. 1

Ok, I got this truck and I am trying to get it running, so far I have put a new gas tank in it, including a working fuel pump (and oh, by the way, with a lift and a tall jack it IS possible and, in fact, very easy

Car Electrical Trouble. Please Help 1

I’m haveing troubble keeping a charge on my battery their are no accessories in the car the battery and alt are just for the engine. I replaced both the Alt and the battery although the battery is dead I was driving home late last night and and the headlight

Car Wont Start. Just Makes A Click Noise 6

In a 91 tempo….i already replaced the starter, solenoid, and distributor module about 6 months ago… It died when i was driving it…started back up..ran hard. then died again..did the same thing again, right before the check engine light came on and did’nt start at all….i hooked up the