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Help Is My Battery Bad This Has Happened Before But I Think It Was Fixed By Charging Battery 3

Question: Help, Is My Battery Bad This Has Happened Before But I Think It Was Fixed By Charging Battery, My dodge dakota has a hard time turning in excess of. It will commence up in the morning, but after that…it will have a difficult time turning over. It will

What Do I Do With A Spark Plug That’s Very Hard To Unscrew 6

I own a 1998 Honda Civic EX and it just recently started to run really rough. A man at an EZ-Lube ran a diagnostic on it and it told him that a spark plug was misfiring. Thus, I wanted to replace all of the spark plugs. I successfully replaced

Worn Rings Or Valve Seals 5

1995 honda civic..blows white/blue smoke at idle and when moving. Just replaced head gasket so its not longer burning antifreeze/overheating. Runs like crap..misfiring, feels like theirs bad compression…no balls. Go through about 5 quarts of oil every week and half. Im thinking its worn rings due to the misfiring/bad

Car Not Starting Expieriance In Mechanics Required 5

I recently got a 1989 Dodge Raider that hasn’t been started in 5 years. Since I got it I drained the old gas filled it with new gas, replaced the spark-plugs, checked for spark, cleaned the air filter, flushed the radiator, changed the oil, put a good battery in

Why Do My Spark Plugs Have Water In Them 4

I am sure i dont have a craked head or block cause water isnt mixing with oil at all oil is still very clean i have a1997 dodge stratus we blew a hose other night fix that could the intake manifold be cracked or something like that cause like

I Have A Problem With My Dodge Stealth 5

The car is not starting right now. so the deal is: the check engline light came on, usually i just restart my car and it goes away. so i was driving and it was on so i put her in neutral and shut it off and tried to restart.