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09 Ford Mustang Fender Cold Air Intake 4

Is there someone that makes a Fender Mound or Bumper Mount cold air intake for the 09 Mustang 4.0 V6. I know there is CAI for them, but I want one that the filter is outside the engine bay. Im only 17 and this is my first car that

How To Improve Upon MPG 3

I am only getting 10 mpg on a good day and I drive it like I’m 95: * 1984 Chevrolet K10 * Weight 5,600 lbs * Tires 32-10-15 * Crate GM 350, Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold, Edelbrock 600 cfm Carburetor (Carb is 7 years old from previous owner), Low

Will More Than 2 Carburetor Spacers Hurt My Hp And Torque 4

I have a 1984 camaro and i have a holley on it with a carburetor adapter and my hood doesnt fit anymore lol so instead of buying a $300+ hood i was going to get a street scoop and put a spacer or 2 on it, will more than

Backfiring Through Carb After Installing Edelbrock Intake Manifold 3

I put an edelbrock performer intake on my 86 chevy truck with a 350. I was careful to put the distributor back in exactly how it came out. I also marked all the plug wires and have them all back in the correct locations. It has a edelbrock performer

Is A Carburetor Spacer Necessary 4

Im gettin an edelbrock carb and edelbrock manifold. do i need to get a spacer because ive heard that it isnt a good idea to install a carb without them. That supposably they help insulate the carb. please help

Holley Carburetor Conflict Help 2

I just put on a holley carb, and the gas was percolating. When i put on my heat shield and spacer, i accidentally overtightened the base of the carb and it snapped off right across a vacuum passage. I took one off the same type of carb (12 years