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Where Is The Oil Filter Located On My 1998 Gmc Sonoma 1

Its the same car as a 1998 Chevy S-10. one in eight in the factory gets the GMC grill. I hope the oil filter is accessible so I can change it themselves. I hate new cars. every time something goes wrong, you need someone else to pay astronomical sums

Where Is The Oil Pressure/fuel Pump Switch On A 1996 Sonoma Where Is The Fuel Pump Relay 3

Where is the oil pressure/fuel pump switch on a 1996 Sonoma? Where is the fuel pump relay?

98 Gmc Sonoma 1

With 2.2 liter how do you tell if the clutch sleeve cylinder or the clutch master cylinder is bad.every time i come to a stop i have to pump the clutch at least 10 times before i can get it into gear.i bled side of transmission but it did