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Can A Car Pass Smog Without A Catalytic Converter 2

Question: Can A Car Pass Smog Without A Catalytic Converter, my neighbor just bought a car that has no catalytic converter. he did a smog certificate from the dealer. Is it possible to pass smog without a catalytic converter? this seems shady to me. Best answer for Can A

The Best Exhaust System Air Filter And Headers For A 2002 Ford Mustang GT 3

1. Having to pass smog. 2. Not having to pass smog. Thank you. How much HP would increase?

Ford 460 1988 Carbureted In 30′ Motor Home. I’m Looking For Ways To Get Low End Power 4

I already have a Bank’s System, high performance ignition, and a Gear Vender, but going up a hill is almost embarrasing. The motor has 40K miles. I have heard that changing the timing chain to a early 70’s 460 would add about 100 HP, and 150 lbs. of torque,

Carburetors, Old Cars, And California. What Does This All Mean 3

Hi there, I have a ’77 Dodge Van B200 (gross polluter, go figure) that I want to replace the carburetor and get it to pass smog. However, whilst shopping for a carb on Kragen’s site, I have come across a bunch of abbreviations that I don’t understand. Can anyone

How Much Horsepoer With All These Things 4

I have a 302 from an 85 lincoln and so far ive added a 600 cfm edelbrock carburetor(performer series) a performer 302 intake (4 a 4 barrel carb) i got a camshaft advertised duration is 272 and 290. 218 an 228 at .5 i also have a msd blaster

00 Gmc Catalytic Converter Bypass 4

Well first want to say michigan dont have smog testing. my cats are going bad in my truck and not sure whether or not to replace them or bypass them. i heard both sides of this story but need greater advice. i know they have o2 simulaters i still