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Service Engine Soon Light On In ’02 Lancer Catalytic Converter 2

Question: Service Engine Soon Light On In ’02 Lancer Catalytic Converter, I just stopped at autozone, got my computer read via the scan tool, and was told I need a new catalytic converter. However, the guy who read me the codes said some cars have more than one converter.

How Much Should A Full Service Including A Cambelt, Brake Discs & Pad Replacement Cost Me On A Mark 4 Golf. 1

I am a single woman and really concerned that the garage will try and overcharge me.

Service Engine Soon Light Came On Po677down To Po671 Code Glow Plug Heater Cyl 17 What Makes All One Side 1

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Any Wild Or Crazy Service Stories 2

I’ve heard some bizarre ones in my time, like the lady in the Pep Boys in the additive section on the search for liquid or turn signals the guy who puts a rod through the side of his block, and goes down to the car store and buy 15

2002 F650 Cummins Deisel Service Engine Light Comes On. Have Changed Oil,air & Fuel Filters 1

I will begin changing sense? Did scanned doesn’t pull any codes.

Dodge Caravan Engine Service Light 1

I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan third 8L V6.Vor two weeks my service engine light was on, after I had a 40km ride at 110-120 km / h speed. Then I found my car was lame. The rpm ran until 3000, but the speed was 60km/hr. lame in this