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Where Is The Thermostat Located On A Dodge 1500 2003 5.9 4

Question: Where Is The Thermostat Located On A Dodge 1500 2003 5.9, truck is overheating but it is complete of dex great . i dont know what to do Best answer for Where Is The Thermostat Located On A Dodge 1500 2003 5.9 Here is a pic of a

What Is Wrong With AC 7

Question: What Is Wrong With AC, I have a 2000 Ford Concentrate and when I flip on the Air conditioner it blows semi-great-ish air. Undoubtedly not chilly. Make sure you tell me this is an straightforward and affordable fix! Best answer for What Is Wrong With AC Appears like

Engine Never Reaches Operating Temp But Overheats At Lights On Hot Days 3

I have a 1998 Honda Civic. Since a week ago, my engine temperature gauge never reaches halfway like it used to. Now, it only points about 2/5 (or like 40%) up the way of the gauge (sorry, it doesn’t list degrees). However, if I sit at a light in

My Car Broke Down It Overheated…we Put Coolant In It But It Wasn’t Enough…. Help Please 6

I have a 98 Honda Civic. The car broke down. It wont drive. We pulled over and a man helped us. The thing is he put water in the radiator I think. Its next where you put the coolant. It ran for a lil bit, then we parked it

Radiator Overheat When Idle 3

I drive a 97 honda civic and yesterday my upper hose popped/opened like a bag of chips. I replaced it and now I have another issue. This morning when driving my car gauge was moving up towards the H. I pulled over to avoid the over heating. I was

2005 Honda Civic Overheating 4

I have a 2005 Honda Civic automatic transmission with only 43,000 miles on it. Whenever I come off the highway the thermostat gauge needle starts rising almost to the H. I usually just turn the heater on high to bring it back to normal until I get to a