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Should I Buy This Car At This Price. 6

Im looking into buying this car and have no idea how much all the extra add on to the car below is the add he place. The car also has an r title.. kbb say the reatail is 1825 and they are selling it for 3295 i really dont

What Type Of Headlights 2

I have a 2000 honda civic ex with projector headlights. I’m planning on buying an HID conversion kit but it only comes with one light for each headlight and my car has 2 bulbs (one for high beam and one for low beam) I’ll need two more bulbs so

Im Trying To Find These Particular Headlights For My BF For Christmas 1

The ones he showed me on ebay are called DEPO 04 HONDA CIVIC SI EP3 PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS.. On ebay I think they run 260 plus 40.00 for shipping! I was just curious if someone can help me out on where to find them cheaper… Thanks so much

What’s The Difference Between Euro And Obx Headlights 1

I’m looking for projector headlights for my 2003 Honda Civic (black). I noticed that two different types are available on ebay. If you know of a place where I can get a really good deal on these lights, please let me know!

2000 Honda Civic SI Halo Projector Headlight Question 3

I have a 2000 Honda Civic Si. I was looking at buying some projector headlights to replace my stock ones and was woundering what some of the better brands where. I dont want any that leak or fog up.

2005 Honda Civic Dual Halo Projector Headlights 2

I am currently looking for dual projector headlights for my 2005 honda civic lx 2dr coupe and I have not been successful in my hunt for them. If anyone could please tell me where I can buy them that would be great. I am in Miami, FL but I