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Does The Brand Of Spark Plugs Matter 6

Is there anything wrong with good ol’ ac delco? Should I consider NGK or some other aftermarket brand? What’s your favorite and why? I would think it doesn’t make much of a difference. thanks

2000 Ranger Spark Plugs 1

I replace my spark plugs with a ngk instead of motorcraft does it make any difference?

Do New Spark Plugs Make A Difference If The Car Runs Fine 4

Also as anyone seen the new bosch 4 super do they make much difference to the car…

How Do I Wire A New Headlight Socket That Plugs Into The Bulb 1

How do i wire a new headlight socket that plugs into the bulb?

My Spark Plugs In My Car Keep Getting Wet With Oil And Then My Car Doesn’t Start, How Can I Avoid This 5

My car doesnt start cause spark plugsĀ“of the engine get wet and I have to clean them every time to start car, and I want to know how can i stop the spark plugs from getting wet with oil, so my car wont drowned, what problem can this be

What Spark Plugs Do You Recommend For My Opel Astra 2

I presently use 3-pin Borch spark plugs on my car. I really don’t know if the vehicle would perform less if I change to 2-pin or 1-pin since I find it difficult getting the genuine 3-pin Borch spark plugs to buy. Are they any other good brands of spark