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Mechanics’Kingpin’ On The Steering Knuckle Bearing Of A 4×4, How The $#% Lol Do You Get That ‘kingpin’ Off 2

Nissan patrol GQ model, 4×4 with part-time front diff. Ok, I have nearly worked out how to do the whole knuckle, apart from getting the ‘kingpin’ off this bearing. In the workshop manual, it says to use a brass drift to get the kingpin off, but I can’t firstly

1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 3

My hubby has aquired a Jeep that was thought to be in good shape but I fear that it is not. The front end was shaking @ high speeds and they replaced the traction bar, rotated the tires and aligned the front end. Didn’t help. Now the part time

Will $700 Per Month Be Enough To Cover All Costs Of Owning A New Car 3

I am a college student who lives at home. I work at the hospital part time making $700 per month. I plan to buy a 2010 honda civic. The monthly payments will be $300 per month. I HAVE A COSIGNER DO NOT TELL ME I NEED ONE! Will my

How Much Auto Insurance Should I Carry 2

Is it true that depending on your net worth, you should get more or less auto insurance? I’m a college student so I only work part-time and only have a modest amount saved up. The value of my car is about $4000. Right now I have 50000/100000 for injury,

First CarI Have 1 Grand Saved Upneed Some Help 6

So I have about 1 grand saved up. I know that I am going to get a crappy car. However, it’s all I can afford. But what about the other costs? I am pretty clueless about this. How much would spare tires cost? Do I have to pay for

How Much Will Insurance Be Now 2

I’m 16, I got in a big car accident.. I flipped over my car twice. Fortunately, I was untouched and I was the only one involved. Naturally, I was taken off the insurance policy and lost my car. Before, I had the good student discount so we paid $350