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Trying To Find Out Why Cylinder 7 Constantly Misfires 5

I had a total tune up done on 1998 Dodge ram B1500 van and the one cylinder is still misfiring and check engine light comes on and off. The vehicle does idle very rough and I was told there is really bad carbon deposits in the intake manifold. Miles

Why Won’t My Gas Power Washer Restart 3

I have a North Star Power Washer with a 5.0 Honda motor. Tuesday, I power washed the house, the kids came home from school and I turned it off. I fixed them a snack and went back to the washer and it will NOT crank. I thought maybe it

Do You Think I Really Need To Have The Valves Adjusted On My 1999 Toyota RAV4 7

I just got my first car–a 1999 Toyota RAV 4 with 133,000 miles on it. It only had one previous owner and it’s been well cared for. Not being very mechanically-savvy, my dad’s been taking care of getting some maintenance work done on it. It was due to have

Why Did My Mercury 35hp Outboard Just Stop Working 2

Hi, this god dam outboard, my engine has always been great until recently it started getting a little harder to start, then whilst out fishing my engine just gave up all together, :o( can anyone please advise me, i have check the fuel is getting through ok, i’ve had

What Is Some Reasons That A Car May Idle Hard While Stopped In Drive 6

I drive an 03 Hyundai Sonata with a 4 cylinder engine. I was always told rough idling means it is time for new spark plugs. According to my maintenance schedule it is quite a while before I need to get new spark plugs (30,000 miles off) What else could

Street Fire Spark Plug Wires 2

I put Street Fire Spark Plug Wires in my 97′ dodge ram 1500, Laramie SLT(5.9 v-8) and new spark plugs the other day and now the check engine light is on. First I replaced the spark plugs, no light came on then. After I replaced all the wires though