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Does The Length Of The Spark Plug Wire On A Motorcycle Make A Difference 6

Does the length of the spark plug wire on a motorcycle make a difference?

Motorcycle Catalytic Converter 2

I own a mid-engine 1989 MR2. I recently cut off the old damaged catalytic converter and muffler. I want to run a pipe right down the middle and connect a Magnaflow dual tip oval muffler to it. I will have to make 2 bends to the pipe. However, I

What Is The Best Tonneau Cover To Buy If I Also Want To Transport A Motorcycle In My Truck Bed 1

I own a Toyota Tundra and want a tonneau cover that will cover my bed. I also want to be able to transport my motorcycle though. With a snugtop type tonneau, you’d have to remove it and put it back on EVERY time you load and unload the bike,

6v Battery Replaced With 12v 2

My motorcycle has a 6v system, the year after has a 12v, not that it matters. I can’t find a battery for it anywhere, but I have found a 12v battery for it, and I find them all over. If I were to put a 12v battery in what

HID Headlights, Does It Use More Power Than Halogen Lights 2

Hi all, I have a motorcycle, am about to update it with HID headlights. Does anyone know if HID xenon lights (real ones, with ballast and relays) use more or less or same power as halogen bulbs? I’m concern about power consumption because I know the battery on a

What Kind Of Oil And Spark Plugs U Put In A 1979 Honda Goldwing With A 500cc 2

Have a 1979 honda goldwing with a 500cc motor and we are wanting to know what kind of spark plugs and oil we can put in it and also the kind of oil filter as well. please let me know thanks I am sorry it is a GL500 missread