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1998 Malibu Catalytic Converter 6

Question: 1998 Malibu Catalytic Converter, Hi, I recently had my catalytic converter replaced because it turned red hot and the engine was shaking…..the only thing is the new converter also comes red hot and the engine is still shaking like crazy. what could be the problem now? Best answer

Help What Is A 12vpower Terminal Trying To Install Car Stereo 7

My bf has a sony xplod cdx-7000x and the presets have been returning to default everytime we turn off the car, so I went online to try to figure out what is going on since we are low on money well the manual says to connect the yellow cord

How Do You Rewire A Car Stereo 2

I just bought this 1997 Malibu and the stereo doesn’t have good reception over the radio. I was thinking maybe the stereo is not connected to the antenna properly. So How can I rewire this? BTW my system is a KENWOOD kdc-119s. Any advice would be much appreciated.

What’s The Average Cost For New Brake Pads & Rotors 3

I have a 2003 Malibu. (CDN$) Also, would it be worthwhile to upgrade the brakes to something that would last longer? Since I got the car, I’ve been replacing both almost every 1.5 years. Perhaps I’m retarded but I thought they lasted longer so would upgraded rotors/pads be worth

Ballpark, What Should It Cost To Replace The Brake Pads And Rotors On 1997 Chevy Malibu 11

Trading in and buying new not an option please don’t suggest. Doing myself is not an option either

00 Chevy Malibu A/c And Gauge Problem 2

My 2000 malibu suddenly has a check engine light along with non functioning gauges (temp and gas gauge) and an a/c that doesn’t work. Doesn’t even blow hot air. Anyone know of a common fault or part that could cause all of this? I also have a bad tail