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Can A Catalytic Converter Cause A Car To Loose Power 5

Question: Can A Catalytic Converter Cause A Car To Loose Power, The catalytic converter and the muffler were extremely hot, can it be causing my truck to loose power Best answer for Can A Catalytic Converter Cause A Car To Loose Power The older the converter is, the more

Why Would The Oil Filter On My Saturn Vue Be Loose 2

MY 2005 Saturn Vue I drove last night, and the oil light came on. I check the engine and it seemed that oil was leaking around the filter upright. The filter was very loose and I could to the filter with my hands, which should be impossible, given its

Can A Loose Shift Knob On An 04 Malibu Be Repaired Without Replacing The Whole Assembly 1

You have to push the shift knob down when shifting gears.

Should I Take The Battery Cable Loose To Reset The Vehicles Computer 7

I just installed a new throttle body spacer and the check engine soon light came on due to it reading a “lean Bank”. Can I take the battery loose so that the system compter can learn new perameters? If not, then what can I doo besides buying a $300.00

Do You Loose Gas Mileage If You Put In A Flomaster Exhaust System 3

I have a Dodge 2006 V6 2.7. I’m thinking of getting a Flowmaster exhaust system and was wondering if you loose gas mileage with it.

1992 Saturn Manual Trany Its Stick Shifter Has Come Loose It Wont Let Me Put It To Any Gear WHAT COULD IT BE 2

I AM JUST wondering what it intels to fix this problem it is all loose when i try to put it in to gear its just like if its wobbly and doesnt do the job of changing gears . so if any one can give me a heads up