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Are Roadmaster Speakers Decent 2

Question: Are Roadmaster Speakers Decent, Ok i know road master speakers are crap compared to sony, pioneer, alpine, and etc. but if i just want to hear music in my car which at the Moment as no radio. would the roadmaster Speakers i bought be ok ?i got a

My AC Compressor On My 1998 Ford Taurus Is Making A Very Loud Noise… 3

It sounds like metal on metal, very loud. I was told it was my A/C Compressor by a mechanic at a local auto shop… Wanted to know if this was a serious issue, and how much estimated would it cost to bypass?

Need To Replace Ac Compressor For 96 Nissan Altima 3

I have to replace my ac compressor, but if i go to the local auto stores its like 300-400 bucks. I found an old one which came out of a running car for like 60 bucks. What if i buy it and get it installed but it stops working

My Car Is Overheating Wut Do I Do 7

I’ve had my car a year its a 93 honda civic. It just recently starting overheating and i don’t know why. I’ve checked everthing for leaks and nothing. Well I went to my local auto parts store and bought a thermostat and it didn’t fit. When i went to

Engine Stuttering And Stalling 10

I have a ’94 Mazda Protege DOHC My car’s engine has been stuttering and stalling out periodically. I just went to try starting it and it had smoke coming out of the exhaust and was stuttering badly every time revved the engine. I’ve recently done a tune up. (cap

What Kind Of Bulb Is In A 2001 Mazda 626 Fog Light, And How To Remove It 2

I’ve got an ’01 626 LX V6 with the factory fogs. One has burned out and I need to replace it. I’ve tried the local auto stores — their books don’t show the bulb at all. Perhaps the main thing I’m looking for right now is instructions on removing