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Car Stereo Faceplate Stolen. Is It Possible To Buy/Replace The Faceplate 3

Recently just had My faceplate off my pioneer CD Player Stolen out of my car. Very sad That they just stole The faceplate off and and worse failed to get the whole unit out left some pretty marks on my dashboard though. Any how was wondering id it was

Will Car Stereo Store Trade In Your New Stereo For Another 4

Someone broke into my car and stole my stereo. The insurance deductable is 250$ and they’re reambursing me with a newer sony model of the cdplayer i had, which is less than 200$. At the stereo store a guy told me most of the time its not even worth

I Drove My Car Through Water Now It Makes A Loud Clicking Noise. 4

I drove my Mazda 3 through some water. Didnt realize how high it was but when a car passed it put water all the way up over my hood. The car sputtered but never died, I pulled into a parking lot and my check engine light was on and

Do You Think My Car Will Be Totaled 4

This asian lady was passing me on the right and clipped the side of my car and messed up my fender and bumper as well as destroying my front headlight her insurance will be paying for it and I didn’t think it would be that bad but my friend

Where Can I Get My Car Fixed 4

I have a 2005 Honda Civic and I had it for 2 years already. Im still making payments on the loan I took out for the car. About $12,000. I have about $8,500 left on the loan. Its practically still brand new. In Feb. it will be a year

If You Hit Someone Lightly On Their Rear Side Of Their Car While Driving And You Had The Stop Sign ….. 3

And most likely will be deemed at fault, is it easy for the other party to sue your insurance company and win? Some facts about the accident: I live in NJ. I asked him if he was hurt and he said no and was standing up the whole time