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Does My 1982 Camaro Need Catalytic Converters To Pass Inspection 5

Question: Does My 1982 Camaro Need Catalytic Converters To Pass Inspection, I’m no expert, but I had heard that any car newer than 1972 has to run catalytic converters. Then I asked a person who works for competition sales, and he sounded like he knew alot about cars, and

Used Jeep Failed Safety Inspection 3 Weeks After Purchase. Does Dealer Have To Pay For Repairs 3

SORRY! This is long, but I need to know what to do, I bought a used Jeep 18th November in Massachusetts, I live in RI. I have a 30-day warranty with a 100th 00 deductible. Dealers do not have the title, said he would in three days he did

My Truck Says It Has Multiple Misfires. This Is Stooping It From Passing Inspection 2

I changed the oil, spark plugs, cables, distributor cap and rotor. The only thing I can I might pick up the coil or the ignition coil to think. Someone said, maybe an oxygen sensor. It is a 1997 Dodge Dakota 3rd 9th I only ask for another opinion on

Will You Pass Inspection With A Aftermarket Exhaust 2

New jersey inspection. will you pass with an aftermarket exhaust. like a flowmaster or magnaflow or anything else. i have the front windows tinited so i know they need to come off. just asking.

1992 Ford Explorer Failed Inspection Please Help 2

I have a 1992 Explorer. It failed for loose exhaust mounting and the emergency brake is not holding. I need a idea about how much I’m looking at to repair and also to know how severe this is.

Does A 1956 Cj5 Have To Have Turn Signals To Pass Mo State Safety Inspection 1

Other than good brakes, brake lights, head lights, tail lights, horn, seat belts and solid exhaust is there any thing else a 56 cj5 needs to pass safety missouri inspection