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2000 Impala With Pioneer Stereo Somthin Wack Goin Down 2

Question: 2000 Impala With Pioneer Stereo Somthin Wack Goin Down, i have a 2000 impala ex cop automobile, it is on 22s. regardless, somthin wack goin down wit my stereo (i obtained it from ebay as an returned item) but the factor is when i turn the automobile off

Just Converted From Points To HEI Distributor On My 71 Impala. Timing Is Set But I Now My Carburetor Pops 11

350 engine, Edelbrock intake and carb setup. This did not do this before with the points, but now carb makes a LOUD pop noise. What is causing this?

Using Kicker Audio Products, I Need To Know What Kicker Amps Would Be Best For All My Speakers I’m Installing. 1

I’m setting up my Impala with tons of Kicker speakers in my cab. 4 speakers in each door in the back and 3 speakers in each door in the front. In the front doors, i’m installing 1 set of Kickers SSMB6 which are midbass woofers at 250/125 with 1

About How Much Horsepower Will Increase In A 96 Impala With These Mods 1

260 hp/330 torque… -k&n filter -flowmaster -hypertech programmer ? please help!! thankx! dude, thats totally not right, 5?

How To Install A Hypertech Max Energy Programmer On A 2004 Chevy Impala SS. 1

Don’t I have to disconnected the Onstar. If so how will i disconnect the Onstar.

1963 Impala Wont Start After Spark Plugs, Distrpitor Wires Replaced 5

I just got done tuning up my 1963 impala and the car wants to start but it doesnt want to just got a battery replaced new spark plugs and new disptor wires replaced it turns but it wont start new battery and new coil new despotor wires and new