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Help Me Please With Dodge 360 5

There is oil in the intake manifold and at the bottom of the carb.- any ideas? I had trouble starting it from the very beggining- but since I put on the Holley 4barrell- It back fires and sounds terrible! some one told me a pcv valve could be the

How To Make Carbureted Car Start Easily In Cold Temperature. 4

I don’t know anything about carburetors, but I have a straight 6 258 4.2l AMC with just the stock carb and a manual choke. It takes like 20 minutes to start even at just 50 degrees. I have a 71 Chevy Nova that I’ve had work done to (I

Truck Only Starts When I Pour Fuel Down The Carb 4

I’m going to try to be detailed on this, I had a 2.5l fuel injected engine in my s10, it didn’t run so I swapped it out for a 305. I put airbags on it and when I did, I had to get a fuel cell because the stock

1976 Nova Have To Pump Gas A Lot To Start/keep Warmed Up 4

I have a 1976 Chevy Nova. Nothing out of the ordinary 305 V8, swapped for a holley 650 carb. My problem is, if i even have one, that it seems like i have to pump the gas quite a bit before i can start the car. Warm or cold

How Do I Adjust The Fuel Mixture On My 1987 Dodge W150 Pickup 4

My Dodge pickup has a 318 with a Holley 2 barrel carb. Due to black smoke when I start it I think and have been told that my pickup is running too rich. How do I adjust this? I have looked at it, and can’t seem to find the

Question About Carburators 4

My father has a 350 cu. chevy engine with a Q-Jet carburetor, the engine is stock but when the air cleaner is off it sounds like it has a turbo-charger and is about to suck in the whole hood when he revs the vehicle up. I have a Holley