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New Ceramic Brake Pads Squealing At LOW Speeds2025 Mph But Not On Highway Speeds… 1

I installed new ceramic brake pads and rotors in my 04 Mitsubishi Galant. I have also put about 500 miles on them(after i installed the new ones..). I saw this ‘weird’ behavior. When my car is cold, just starting in the morning, there is NO squeaking whatsoever, but after

What Is The Cause Of Highpitch Squeeking Sound When Car Is Moving At Low Speeds 10

I don’t hear it every time I use the car but is becoming more frequent.The noise is barely audible at high-speeds and STOPS when I apply the brakes. The rear axle assembly (where the tire is bolted) DOES NOT seem to rotate/spin evenly/freely when car is jacked-up although I

My 99 Honda Accord Has Been Shutting Off Lately, While I Am Driving Or Slowing Down To A Stop. Details 2 Come. 4

My 99 Honda Accord LX has been shutting off lately, while I am driving at high speeds or slowing down to a stop. I have taken it for a tune up, battery replacement, the works, no one can tell me exactly what the problem is. The engine light came

What Happens When The Universal Joints For The Driveshaft Go Bad I Have A CLUNK When I Shift Into Gear 4

When in drive, something is out of balance in the rear of my 1989 Chevy van. It sounds like a worn belt on the tire, but I have new tires. It’s an intermittent sound, mostly at lower speeds or when slowing down. At high speeds, it starts to turn

Coil Spring On Back Right Tire 2

The coil spring on my back right tire doesn’t seem like its broken because i have not felt any tear or disconnecting point on it anywhere. The Tire is also slanting and is tearing up the tire, i ahve to put air in it everyday due to rifing on

1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 3

My hubby has aquired a Jeep that was thought to be in good shape but I fear that it is not. The front end was shaking @ high speeds and they replaced the traction bar, rotated the tires and aligned the front end. Didn’t help. Now the part time