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My 99 Honda Civic Ex Keeps On Overheating When Im In Idle. I Changed The Thermostat, The Radiator Fan Is Good 3

I don’t know what’s the problem. The head gasket is not cracked. Maybe it’s the water pump. I don’t know. help!!!!!!!

What Songs Can I Play On My Subwoofers That Have Very Good Bass I Got 15” Kicker L5 3

2 of them

My 98 Honda Civic Keeps Overheating And I Have Changed The Thermostat, Radiator And The Fan Is Good. 5

Please help!

Is Kenwood A Good Brand For Car Stereos 5

Is kenwood a good brand for car stereos?

Car Starts And Runs Good And Stops While Driving Let Sit For 35 Min. Will Start Changed Fuel Filter Not Prob 2

Car starts and runs good and stops while driving let sit for 35 min. will start changed fuel filter not prob?

My Daughter Has A 1998 Ford Contour SE. While Driving It Just Stopped. No Power, The Fuses Are Good. 2

The car just stopped while she was driving it. The fuses are good but there is no power to the inside of of car either. its completely dead.