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Car AC Blows Hot Not Even Cool 4

Question: Car AC Blows Hot Not Even Cool, I charged my Air conditioner with Freon last summer season and it labored for like two months before its started blowing very hot air, tried to charge it once again and it was total. I in no way received it mounted

Check Engine Light On A 2001 Honda Civic 11

I have a 2001 Honda Civic and the check engine light has come on and stays on. The gages all seem normal and the car does not look to be overheating. I had the car at the dealership a few weeks ago for a normal oil change and they

Overheating Honda Civic Dx 8

Ok so i have a 2002, Honda Civic Dx, had it for almost 2 years now, replaced entire cooling system, timing belt with water pump, brand new radiator, thermostat, fan switches, heat gages, almost every aspect, and its still overheating, today i found the fans now working so they

2001 Honda Civic Tail Lights, Gauge Lights And And Constant Power To Stereo Not Working 1

I recently replaced the stereo on my 2001 Honda Civic. Half way through the installation I was forced to reconnect the battery.. A few issues came as a result of that (the odd blown fuse) but I still have 4 problems to fix. 1. The tail lights do not

Saturn SL2 Electrical System Died 3

The electrical system on my 1999 Saturn SL2 has died. The battery appears to be charged since the headlight are working properly, all the gages light up and work. However, when you turn the ignition there is nothing, the radio is dead, the dome light is dead and all

I Just Took All The Electric Accessories Off My Mini Copper, Now I Have Just A 49cc Motor How Do I Install It 1

I just took off all the electric accessories off my mini chopper. headlight, taillight, turn signals,battery,.gages,ignition,and all the wiring for the parts i took off.Now i have just a frame on wheels with a 49cc motor.I need to know how to properly install the 49cc motor.