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Any Suggestions On Pioneer Car Deck Memory Problems 2

Question: Any Suggestions On Pioneer Car Deck Memory Problems, Okay so i bought a 97 civic ex a couple of times ago with a stereo that didnt work. I went and acquired a pioneer deck the deh-p3000ib and hooked it up. It only performs when the yellow 12v memory

1996 Ford Explorer How Do I Disable The Security System So I Can Start The Vehicle 1

How do I disable the alarm so I can start the vehicle. I have the key for the ignition and the door? I’m pretty sure it’s the factory security system. I haven’t gone out to look at it yet. It has electric locks. Is there a pattern with the

Installing Carburetor Without Choke Connected 10

I have the edelbrock 600 cfm electric choke carb and i need to know if i can install it on the car without connecting the choke temporarily. And will the car run the normal without it connected and also where can i connect the red power cable from the

Why Does My Headlight Blink When I Put The Car In Gear 4

When I put my car in drive the headlight constantly blinks and a fuse/relay clicks inside the fuse panel when the lights are not turned on. When I turn on my headlights the clicking and blinking stops however one of my lights is not working. Both high beam headlights

Help My Car Keeps Overheating And I Can’t Find The Problem. 7

I have 1998 Honda Civic DX 2DR 4 cylinder. I recently changed three of my sensors. 1. In the thermostat housing. 2. and 3. The two underneath the distributor cap. The gage sensor, and i believe it’s called the Cooling Fan Switch. Before i’ve changed them, i put a

Chevy Cavalier Daytime Lights Problem 2

My daytime running lights on the cavalier 01 flash when you turn the car on. I can hear the fuse clicking. Obviously, it only occurs when the e-brake is on. I believe that I need to change a faulty relay under the dash near a front support bar. I