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My Dads Car Can’t Make It Up Hills 10

I was driving my dads 1990 Honda Civic up a steep hill in the rockies as I was traveling from Vancouver to Calgary last night. As I approched a hill the car started to slow down gradually and I was only doing about 25kph and even big semi’s were

I Have A 94 Honda Prelude Hot Days Won’t Start. 3

My cooling fans do not turn on, but car does not overheat unless at stop for a few seconds. Blower motor does not work, and ac compressor is locked up. Heater control on the dash, none of the lights work, and when buttons are pressed, nothing lights up there

Dodge Dakota Cranks But Doesn’t Start 3

My 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 5.9 V8 has recently stopped without warning. 2 days prior I got an oil change from a local mechanic shop that came highly recommended. Unknown if related. Today my Wife had been sitting in the church parking lot waiting for my child to

My Car Stalls Erratically 4

I have a ’93 Mazda Protege that is running well most of the time. Sometimes the acceleration seems sluggish and once I begin to feel this, it’s just a matter of time until the engine stalls. After I get it running again, it seems responsive and fine until the

Will Bad Oxygen Sensor Or Idle Air Control Valve Cause Hard Start 6

I own a 2002 ford mustang gt, automatic. My car has a hard time starting after driving it for awhile (it cranks, but dies off right after attempting to start while making a bop’ing noise). i had my fuel related issue taken care of (fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel

2001 3.8L V6 Mustang Stalling Out On Start Up And Red Lights 4

My mother owns a 2001 ford mustang, It has been running rough for a few days and now it wont even stay started. I replaced the fuel filter today for her and nothing different… So as a last ditch attempt at getting it running okay we ran sea foam