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2004 VW Passat With Check Engine Light From A Catalytic Converter Fault. 3

Question: 2004 VW Passat With Check Engine Light From A Catalytic Converter Fault., I have this car service at the dealership, which I trust. They told me that the check engine light was from a catalytic converter fault. The light does not go off and they have told me

Can You Still Use The IPod Controls On An IPod Ready Car Stereo That Is Controlled From The Head Unit 3

Thinking of buying Sony model SON CDXGT520 car stereo & the adapter cable so song ID’s etc. will show up on the head unit, but wondering if I can still use the iPod’s controls to select songs, etc. instead of the head unit’s. Also, can you control the iPod’s

Where Do I Get The Amplifier Turn On Signal From My Stereo 5

I am adding a Kenwood deck with 4 speakers & a 10″ sub woofer with a 1 channel amp for the sub.

My Cd Changer In Trunk Is Missing Cd Magazine,will That Keep My Cd Player In Car From Workingit Takes The Cd 2

I have a 98 park avenue and the stereo is factory

What’s Hanging From Your Car / Truck Rear Veiw Mirror 13

Me, its a constent weekly cycle of air fresheners, usually in some food smell (Vanilla, citrus, cherry, ect).

I Am Noticing A Jerk From My Car While Sitting At Stop Lights And While Driving, What Could That Be 5

I got a complete tune up in April because the car would hesitate when I accelarate and jerk while driving and sitting at stop lights/signs. Now for the past month it has started doing the same thing. What could this be?