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Infinity Or Polk Inside Car Speakers 5

Yea i need some highs and mids for my 1999 firebird i got 2500 rms watts and my car so i need some good inside speakers will infinity or polk top of the line speakers be better and louder and also cleaner which ever one i choose i will

Car Alarm That Disables Starter 2

So I have an ’88 Firebird that came with some crazy ’80’s security system. It has a chip that you put into a slot every time you start the car, without it the starter won’t crank. Now, I love this thing since these cars are very easy to steal,

I Have A 1998 Firebird Can I Fit A Double Din Stereoor Is My Car Only A Single Din 4

I have a 1998 firebird can i fit a double din stereo?or is my car only a single din?

99 Trans Am Hits Rev Limiter Under Full Throttle And Won’t Shift, Suggestions 1

It’s a 99 Firebird Trans Am V8 Automatic. Sometimes when I floor it at medium speeds(45-90), It hits the rev limiter and won’t shift. The rev bounces like when you hit the limiter in manual transmission car. It’s a bit modified with slp lid, magnaflow exhaust, k&n filter and

Radio, Light, And Horn Stopped Working….. Any Ideas 4

A while back, I replaced the headlight motor on my ’88 firebird. After I did that, the radio, dome light, horn, door locks, and hatch lock stopped working. the door locks still work with the button on the alarm remote but not from inside the, but the rear hatch

Whats The Difference Between 9497 Camaro Rear Ends Than 9802 Models 1

My car 2001 camaro V6 3.8L without traction control 10 bolt rear end i believe the reason why i asked is because i need to get a new rear end whole axle assembly due to me letting a retarded friend drive my car. is it possible for a 94-97