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Would This Car Keep Up 2

Question: Would This Car Keep Up, with contemporary automobiles. 1972 Dodge Charger 400 v8 two bbl computerized. I indicate it only has 190 horsepower and 310 ft-lb torque and weighs near to 2 tons. Why is it regarded as rapid is it even fast? Best answer for Would This

If You Put An Automatic Transmission In Neutral And Raise The Rear Wheels, Will The Driveshaft Spin 5

If you put an automatic transmission in neutral and raise the rear wheels, will the driveshaft spin?

Another Motor Swap Question 1986 F150… 3

I have an 86 F150 with the straight six, 4 speed manual transmission, two wheel drive. The straight six needs a rebuild, and most likely a new clutch. I have access to a running (free) 1979 Ford with the 400M with an automatic transmission. I’ve looked, and looked online

What Is The Name Of The Oil Seal On A Transfer Case That Connects At The Driveshaft 5

What is the name of the oil seal on a transfer case that connects at the driveshaft?

How Do I Make My Driveshaft Fot My Transmission 4

I recently got a turbo 400 transmission and the part my driveshaft goes into is way to big, how do i fix this??

1996 Mustang Driveshaft Bolts There 12 Point What Size R They 3

1996 mustang driveshaft bolts there 12 point what size r they?