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I Don’t Need A Catalytic Converter 3

Question: I Don’t Need A Catalytic Converter, My mechanic said that my catalytic converter is clogged up and I need a new one but my uncle said that he could take it off and my car really didnt need one. Is this true can my car really run without

Buying A Kicker Cvr 12 With 400 Rms. Should I Buy A 2 Ohm Or 4ohm. Dont Know Much About Car Speakers 1

Also need to buy a amp, what kind of amp should i get like wattage ect

I Have A 2008 Ford Escape That Won’t Start & I Don’t Believe It’s The Battery. Any Help 4

Vehicle is equipped with securilock anti-theft system on ignition key. Buttons on key work except for the alarm button.

Hey, I Got 2 15in Kicker Speakers. How Can I Check To See If The’re Any Good, I Dont Have My Amp Hooked Up 4

One of them has a tiny tiny pook in it. but i know that doesnt mess it up. i won them

I Have A Holley Carburetor That I Got That I Don’t Know The Model Number Of It How Can I Look It Up 1

I got it from a friend but he passed away i don’t know what number it is like 650 or 750 or whatever. It pretty new and its a double pump that’s all i know is there a way you can look it up from a number on the

I Need To Check For Curent Going To A Bulb Socket In My Car And I Don’t Have A Tester. 3

I need to check for curent going to a bulb socket in my car and I don’t have a tester.?