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Car Radio Install Causes More Problems.. Help 4

I have a 98 Cadillac Seville , i bought the car and my factory amp was bad. i took it to ziebart and they did an amp bypass and installed an aftermarket alpine stereo and a Alpine – 180W 4-Channel Mini Amplifier ..everything was working fine before i took

Washed My Engine And May Have Accidentally Messed Something Up. Need Help 9

I washed the engine on my 1998 Honda Civic with engine degreaser and covered up the electrical wires (or at least I thought I covered most of them up). I avoided any electrical items and rinsed my engine down carefully. Well, when I started my car up the speedometer

2000 Honda Accord Alarm Does Not Arm When Lockign The Car No Horn No Lights 2

Hey I have 2000 Accord EX 4dr, 4cyl I am having the same problem: When I lock the car, the doors lock, but no horn or flashing lights, and no blinking security light on the driver’s door. I had this problem once before, and read somewhere that several ‘lock-unlock’s

’96 Honda Civic Battery Draining, Any Ideas 3

I recently had to replace my battery because it kept dying, and would not keep a charge. so now i have a brand new battery, and the car drained it again! this is my first stop in trying to figure out the problem. i do not leave the dome

Is It Normal For Both Headlights On A Car To Go Out At Almost The Same Time 4

I just recently changed my passenger side headlight (it went out last week) and my dome light inside my car (which blew at about the same time)….and now my driver’s side headlight is out (just realized last night)! i drive a 2004 honda civic…is it just that the lights

1995 Honda Civic EX Installed With Amp And Subs, And Now…. 1

I just installed an 1100 watt Crunch Amp and a Polkaudio Sub on my 1995 Honda Civic EX and it works great and perfect but now, every time i drive at night, when i have my headlights on or my dome light, it flickers every time the bass hits.