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Vaccum And Compression Test For 97 Honda Civic Ex Dohc Vtec. 3

Im buying a used honda civic ex and wanted to know where a good source of manifold intake is so i can run vacuum and compression tests on it to make sure the engine isn’t crap. he only wants $3000 for it which is just below the bluebook. and

Should I Remove My Car’s Spark Plugs Just To Reduce The Gap By 0.004 5

I have a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 with a 2.0 L DOHC Zetex engine, only 45k miles and like new. I replaced the plugs and gapped them according to what the Auto Zone salesman told me, 0.054″. Later I discovered that he gave me the gap for the wrong

How Do I Improve A Mazda Protege’s Performance 4

Mine is an automatic 2.0L DOHC from 2003 and 10k miles, so far the only improvements i’ve made are adding the K&N air filter and replacing the default brake pads with high performance ceramic ones. what else could i do to make the car faster and more fuel efficient?

2002 KIA Sedona How Do I Change Spark Plugs And Wires 2

Its a 2002 kia sedona DOHC.v6 i cant see where the spark plugs are at how do i change them. its time. please help.

Where Is The Knock Sensor Located On A Mazda 2.5L DOHC Engine 2

Where is the “knock sensor” located on a mazda 2.5L DOHC engine?

Would A Pair Of Fuel Injectors And Spark Plugs For A Usdm Crx Fit Into A Jdm B16a Crx 2

The spark plugs and injectors i want are for an sohc d16a1 engine. would they fit into a dohc b16a engine?