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Just Converted From Points To HEI Distributor On My 71 Impala. Timing Is Set But I Now My Carburetor Pops 11

350 engine, Edelbrock intake and carb setup. This did not do this before with the points, but now carb makes a LOUD pop noise. What is causing this?

I Have A 66 C10 Pickup, Its Been Sitting For 10 Years,and I Cant Get Ne Sparks From My Distributor Points 6

I took everything out except the engine and the distributor and replaced it the engine and distributor are the same, Every time I try to start the truck the belt turns and everything but Im not getting ne spark from the distributor points. Can some body help me with

Will The Distributor Turn If The Timing Belt Is Broke 3

Will the distributor turn if the timing belt is broke?

I Have A New Timing Belt And Distributor. It Will Crank But It Want Stay Crunk.. Gas Tank Is Full HELP 3

I have a new timing belt and distributor. It will crank but it want stay crunk.. gas tank is full HELP?

When The Timing Belt Broke On My 83 Ranger Could It Have Sheered The Pin In The Distributor 2

When the timing belt broke on my 83 ranger could it have sheered the pin in the distributor?

My 98 Honda Civic Quit Running And Will Not Start. Not The Timing Belt. Could It Be Distributor. How Do I Chk 3

My 98 Honda Civic quit running and will not start. not the timing belt. Could it be distributor. How do I chk?