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1966 Dodge Dart Slant Six With No Compression After Head Swap. 7

I put a new head on my slant six and now i have no compression. I used a new headgasket intake/manifold gasket. No compression out of the sparkplug holes or the muffler.. but yet carb sucks in air….. lifters are moveing which means crank and cam are good. AT

Having A Problem Starting My 1991 5.0 Ford Mustang. 4

Have replaced a lot of items on this car to get it to stay crank. I can start the car and it shuts off within a few seconds. Do any one have a clue why this car is doing this. I have replaced the following items: Fuel Filter Air

Car Cut Off While Driving 1

1999 eclipse cut off while driving? but here’s the thing, i had the timing belt replaced yesterday and I need to removed a kill switch security alarm from my car since it always seem to malfunction and some mornings my car won’t crank because i have to re-position the

1999 Ford Contour Will Not Crank. 1

Battery, both cables, starter & solenoid are good and good under a load also. Engine will not crank. Have power to fuel system and coil packs, have power at starter and solenoid. Will not crank over when jumped directly at solenoid. Heard ignition switch might be it, but then

Why Would A 1998 Ford Explorer Xlt Not Start And The Lights Start Turning On By Themself 1

My girlfriend has a 1998 ford explorer xlt with the 4.0 sohc engine. She got it a little over a month ago. Sometimes when she went to start it, it would not start on the first crank but it would always start. Tonight she went to go to work


I have rebulit a 1973 350 bored .040 and the crank is .010 with edelbrock 600cfm it has double hump chevy heads with 2.02 valves when i give throttle real fast it pops through carb but idles fine any suggestions THE HEADS ARE OFF OF A VETTE ENGINE OR