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How Much It Cost To Fix The Coolant Hose On A Daewoo 7

At least I hope it’s just the hose!!! My car has been hissing and leaking for the last few days, I have been topping up the water everyday just to get by until I get in the garage (which is tomorrow!) Am I going to have to pay a

Do We Need To Replace The Thermostat When Replace A Coolant Hose And Flush The Radiator 5

I have a 2001 cadillac catera and the hose that goes from the coolant to the radiator is leaking. Is it necessary to replace the old thermostat with a new one once we replace the hose and flush the radiator?

How To Remove A Coolant Hose From A 2000 Pontiac SE 3

My brothers car has a leak in the hose from coolant and he has a 2000 pontiac SE. He needs to change it. He has all the tools but no instructions. Please help.