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1986 Chevy C10 305 With No Catalytic Converter 3

Question: 1986 Chevy C10, 305, With No Catalytic Converter, This guy I know did me a huge favor and helped me out with a truck. He traded me a truck worth about $3k for some silly stuff I had. But, I took the truck to Sears Auto (where I

Does My 85 Chevy Cavalier Wagon Need A Catalytic Converter 3

Question: Does My 85 Chevy Cavalier Wagon Need A Catalytic Converter, We needed to get our muffler fixed and the guy at the shop said he cant fix it without a catalytic converter which costs 300 to 500 bucks we don’t have that kind of money! i thought any

2004 Chevy Blazer CD Changer Broken ….. Covered By Car Warranty 4

I have bumper to bumper priemuim care and i don’t want face off i want my factory cause no one wants to steal it

Y Isn’t My Car Starting 2

Hi i just put a new edelbrock intake 2101 on my truck (1980 chevy scottsdale 350 sbc) when i try to crank it want start the gas only blows out the top of my carburetor in flames and when i go to check my spark plugs there isn’t any

How Much Should New Brakes And Rotors Cost 6

I drive a 1999 Chevy S-10, 4 cylinder. I don’t know much about cars, and don’t feel comfortable doing the job myself. Thanks for your help!

Rocker Arms Or Underdrive Pulley 3

I have a 2005 chevy silverardo with the 4.8. Right now i have my muffler cut of but left the cats on, and i have a spectre CAI. I plan to buy a hypertech power programmer iii soon because i can get it for pretty cheap. I am looking