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What Would I Need To Make A Battery Charger For My 12 V Battery Jump Box And I Lost The Original Charger 3

My car isnt running either.cant charge it that way . I do have several 12 v adapters lying around .the kind we use to charge cordless power tools . can’t go to radio shack ,car battery is dead too and I live in the sticks Please don’t say “go

Portable Car Charger Question 3

I am trying to charge a car using a portable charger and it’s not working. I left the charger plugged in all night and then hooked it up to the car for about an hour and a half (with the key on). When I went to start it all

Why Couldn’t I Jumpstart My Car With A 70amp Charger 8

Yesterday, I left my lights on all day while at work in sub-freezing temps and the battery was dead, dead, dead when I got off work. I drive a 1997 Mazda Protege. I had purchased a Schumacher “MityMite” Automotive Jump Starter/DC Power Source (PS-70A). It was fully charged. I

How Can I Add More Horsepower To My Dodge Charger 6

I have 2008 dodge daytona charger r/t and i have installed a magnaflow exhaus,t aem intake and throttle body spacer, and im going to get diablo flash tuner this weekend is there anything else i can do to get more horsepower besides turbe/super charger?

What Type Of Charger Would I Need For A 6volt 10amp Sealed Lead Acid Battery In A Childs Ride In Car 2

What type of charger would i need for a 6volt 10amp sealed lead acid battery in a childs ride in car?

My Alt Is Good My Battery Good But Not Charging With Out Jumping The Car Or Putting Charger On To Start It 3

My alt is good my battery good but not charging with out jumping the car or putting charger on to start it ?