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Dodge Charger Wheel Offset/spacer Question 1

————————————————– —————————— I have a 2006 dodge rt charger and a friend of mine upgraded to about 24 on his car so he gave me 20 “rims it. The only problem is the offset is 35 mm wheels gave me. I know the stock wheel offset 24 mm. There

PS2, And Charger Battery Consumption 1

I recently just bought the Xentrex Powersource Mobile 100 power inverter plus rechargeable battery seen here: And it works great with powering my PS2 and other game systems that dont go above 60w needed for power (or 80w if plugged into the car with a maximum spike protection

Battery Charger For Nine Hours On Two Amps For Minivan 4

I am wondering if I can move it to 4amps to fasten the pace, yet it is for motorcycles, not cars? I also charged it yesterday for four hours. The light in the car works. It isnt charged fully yet.

12 Volt Battery Appears To Be Dead. Tried Using A Battery Charger It Did Not Work. Help 4

Interior lights were left on for 6 hours. Car does not respond to a charger. Unable to jump start due to being parked in a garage.

I Saw A Battery Charger On TV And Want To Buy It As A Gift But Can’t Remember What It Was Exactly 3

The commercial was a mom sitting in her car in the rain looking scared and then her son pops up from the back in a hockey mask and says they will be late, to which she plugs a battery charger into her cigarette lighter/outlet to jump her battery. The

What Is The Dedicated Model Of The BMW E31 850i Battery Charger 1

I have a bmw 850i, and it’s a second car.. so i use it one’s or twice per month. am facing a battery discharge and i don’t know what is the dedicated model of the battery charger..specialy that i have 2 batterys !!! in this monster….